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Doyle Salewski Inc. donates $5,000 to The Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre

PMFRC DonationDoyle Salewski Inc. is a proud member of “Canada Company” through which the donation was made. Making the firm’s annual donation is Brian Doyle, President of Doyle Salewski, along with Donna O’Keefe , Director , Doyle Salewski Inc , for the Pembroke and Petawawa areas. Donna is the proud spouse of Craig O’Keefe, Lt. Commander with the Canadian navy. Craig and his three brothers have served in excess of 108 years. Craig and two of his brothers are still active members.

The Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre is committed to enriching the lives of individuals and families of the military community through positive action, education and support. Accepting the donation on behalf of the resource centre are Helen Jackman, Board member, Claudia Beswick, Executive Director and Selina Robb, Chairperson of the board. Also attending are a some of Petawawa’s “Lil Troopers”.


Brian Doyle said: “ I am very pleased to make this continuing annual donation to such an important organization. The entire staff of Doyle Salewski thanks the members of the Canadian forces for all they do.

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