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If you’re experiencing financial troubles, our team at Doyle Salewski Carleton Place is here to help. Our credit counselling services provide you with the attention you deserve to become financially stable. We can help with your budgeting problems and explore the best options to find a solution designed for your needs. 

If you’re faced with threatening creditor phone calls or trying to build a budget for your life, we’ll work to find the solution you deserve. Our expert credit counselling in Carleton Place works with you to solve your debt problems, no matter how severe they are.

How Our Doyle Salewski Team Can Help

When you meet with us for credit counselling, we make sure you understand the reasons behind the strategy. The more you know about debt management and creating a budget, the better prepared you’ll be when you leave. We encourage you to be forthcoming and ask questions. Planning your budget is easier if we know your expenses, incomes and debts.

Some of the ways that our counsellors help include:

  • Providing you with Relevant Information
  • Answering your Questions and Concerns
  • Explaining all of your Debt Management Options
  • Helping you Create a Budget that Works for your Life
  • Ensuring you Understand Budgets and Debt so you can Moving Forward

What to Expect During the First Credit Counselling Meeting

We’ll begin the credit counselling by conducting a comprehensive review of your financial situation. We take a good look at your income, debts, expenses and assets. After we’ve gathered the information, we’ll work with you to find the best solution that puts you back in control of your money. We’ll also explain how to rebuild credit and manage a budget. When you leave our office, you’ll be better equipped to live a life free of overwhelming debt.

Finding Real Solutions for You to Reach Financial Freedom!

It’s important that you talk with our counsellors before considering a consumer proposal or filing for bankruptcy. People are constantly surprised by the options that are still available and how flexible creditors can be. Also, the sooner you confront your debts, the more choices you’ll have to beat it.

The professionals at Doyle Salewski Carleton Place know how to work together with creditors to find a solution for both parties. We know how difficult it can be to ask for help and we do our best to make you comfortable while we work to find the best solution for you.

Family in the fall

Couldn’t asked for a better service, all my questions were answered and my financial problems solved. Cheers to a new start!!!.”

At Doyle Salewski Carleton Place, we can solve your debt and budgeting crises, using our expertise and experience to give you peace of mind and financial freedom. Contact our office today for a free consultation. For more information about credit counselling in Carleton Place, you can also reach us at 613-253-2227 or toll-free at 1-800-517-9926.

You can schedule an appointment through our online consultation booking form. We’re also available through email at [email protected]. Our office is located at 143 Bridge Street, across from the intersection of Bridge and Allan Street.

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