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2020 State of the Economy Update (Pandemic Edition)

Founder and President of Doyle Salewski Inc. Brian Doyle’s interview with Valley Heritage Radio’s own Gerry Bimm for an end of year state of the economy update.

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What Is a Consumer Proposal?

Learn about Consumer Proposals from the experts at Doyle Salewski. If you are struggling with debt and would like a no-obligation consultation to learn your options, call 613-237-5555. Serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

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How to get out of debt

What should you do if you are overwhelmed with excessive debt? Doyle Salewski has qualified credit counsellors that will help you make the choice that is right for you. Serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, call today and arrange a free consultation: 613-237-5555.

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Episode 1 – Debt Stress

In the first episode of Doyle Salewski TV, Susan asks company President Brian Doyle about the effects of debt stress and the research being done to help understand its impact on families.

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Episode 2 – Collection Agencies

Susan and Senior Vice-President Paul Salewski discuss how to cope with constant calls from collection agencies and your legal rights as an Ontario citizen. 

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Episode 3 – Scammers

Susan learns from Brian the difference between registered trustees and the con artists out there who try and capitalize on people’s financial problems. 

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Episode 4 – The B Word

Brian gives Susan a history lesson about the origins of bankruptcy and helps clear up misconceptions about what it means in today’s society.

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Episode 5 – Life after Bankruptcy

In the first episode of Doyle Salewski TV, Having freshly emerged from bankruptcy, Paul walks Susan through the first steps of her financial recovery and provides tips for how to stay in the black.

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Episode 6 – Consumer Proposals

Paul explains to Susan the benefits of a consumer proposal, and clears up what type of commitment she’s entering.

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Episode 7 – Happy Clients

Brian and Susan count down the Top 10 reasons why people who hire Doyle Salewski are happy and overcome their financial problems.

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