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Doyle Salewski provides independent and objective financial advice and services to both debtor companies and creditors. With our collective skills as chartered accountants, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, forensic accountants, and business consultants, we’re a leader in finding the best business debt solutions in Ottawa for all stakeholders in a crisis situation.

Whether your company needs corporate finance and consulting services or insolvency and restructuring services, talk to our seasoned business professionals today and return your company to fiscal stability. We’re known by the companies we keep in business.

Our Business Solution Services

Doyle Salewski can assist your company with a wide range of corporate services including:

Management Consulting

Doyle Salewski has extensive experience in assisting businesses with a broad range of issues and challenges, including:

  • strategic planning sessions for corporations and professional firm
  • business plans including pro-forma financial information
  • general management
  • marketing
  • feasibility studies
  • administration

Business Reviews

Using a combination of interviews, research, and financial analysis, Doyle Salewski has created a business review approach that assesses efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability in order to create an accurate picture of an organization. This business review can then be used to assist in strategic planning, obtaining financing, and improving management performance.

Viability Assessments

Corporations, partnerships, and other business entities may be reviewed from time to time by their bankers, creditors, shareholders, and stakeholders in order to assess viability and risks. Doyle Salewski’s viability assessment can help detail an organization’s key risks in order to provide a designated reader with the information necessary for decision-making.


Doyle Salewski has developed in-depth divestiture documents for a number of entities seeking to sell off all or part of their businesses and/or operations. Such a document allows for more efficient marketing to prospective purchasers.

Litigation Support

Doyle Salewski assists legal counsel by reviewing relevant data and by presenting evidence to the court as an expert witness in insolvency matters, family law issues, civil and criminal actions, and the quantification of losses.

Forensic Accounting

Doyle Salewski provides forensic accounting and other services related to the investigation of:

  • internal and external fraud
  • questionable business practices of customers, employees or suppliers
  • employee defalcations
  • investor fraud

Mergers & Acquisitions

Doyle Salewski provides expert assessment, source financing, and finalization assistance to companies engaged in mergers and/or outright acquisitions.

Banking Expertise and Fund Sourcing

Doyle Salewski’s in-house banking consultant assists small to medium sized companies with structuring and sourcing lines of credit, term loans, and commercial mortgages.

Insolvency Restructuring Services

As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Doyle Salewski’s team can assist your company with insolvency and restructuring services such as:

  • reorganizations
  • creditor arrangements
  • financial consultation
  • stay of proceedings
  • debtor counselling
  • proposals
  • bankruptcy services
  • plans of arrangement under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA)


Doyle Salewski has helped many companies become more competitive in today’s marketplace. Whether you’re looking to reorganize your business, source financing, or restructure under a formal insolvency process, our expertise and experience can help you successfully redeploy and realign your resources.

Creditor Arrangements

Even if your company is experiencing a cash flow crisis, you may still be able to avoid insolvency proceedings. Doyle Salewski can make arrangements with some of your creditors to allow you to preserve key supplies to your organization while deferring collection proceedings on your creditors’ accounts. These agreements are usually individually structured with each creditor and require skilled negotiation to bring both parties together and minimize legal costs.

Financial Consultation

In a sudden financial crisis situation, Doyle Salewski can react immediately—on-site, if necessary—to review and assess your situation and commence financial reorganization.

In non-urgent situations, we will work with you to reorganize finances, lower interest costs, minimize cash-flow stress, and improve your company’s relationships with its lenders.

Stay of Proceedings

A stay of proceeding stops immediate creditor actions, allows you to collect on your accounts receivable and use your cash flow where needed (such as inventory or payroll), and gives you time to design a restructuring plan. It is available for an initial 30-day period and an extension of up to five additional months (on approval).

Debtor Counselling

If your company is in financial difficulty, Doyle Salewski can provide counselling to help you best utilize your financial resources, strategize for survival, maximize cash flow, and preserve valuable assets.


Corporate proposals under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act(BIA) allow for insolvent companies to restructure and reorganize, and to continue as viable entities. Doyle Salewski utilizes proposals wherever possible, resulting in greater realizations, lower costs, and a continuation of all or a part of the business.


A plan of arrangement made under theCompanies’ Creditors Arrangement Act(CCAA) allows an insolvent company to restructure, reorganize, and continue as a viable entity. CCAA plans of arrangement are suitable for larger, more complex insolvencies involving a minimum debt of $5 million. Restructuring may include downsizing of operations or divestiture of segments of a business. A CCAA plan typically includes extended payment terms designed to allow a debtor’s business to continue.

Bankruptcy Services

In bankruptcy situations, Doyle Salewski provides objective business debt solutions in Ottawa, unencumbered by conflicts of interest and/or professional relationships that could be detrimental to performance and objectivity.

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