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More than 60 years of experience helping individuals and businesses in financial distress

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As partners and industry veterans, Brian Doyle and Paul Salewski have forged an unbreakable professional bond spanning over 35 years. As chartered accountants, Licensed Insolvency Trustees, and certified fraud examiners, they embody a wealth of expertise and unwavering commitment to their craft. Together, they have amassed 60 years of experience empowering individuals and businesses facing dire financial circumstances.

Driven by their passion for assisting those in need, Brian and Paul founded Doyle Salewski Inc., Licensed Insolvency Trustee, in 1996. Fuelled by their visionary spirit, Doyle Salewski has become a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change. With unwavering dedication, they have carved a niche as recognized leaders in providing innovative solutions to individuals and businesses grappling with financial difficulty. Doyle Salewski is a member of the Canadian Association of Insolvency & Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP) further attests to their exceptional stature within the industry.

At Doyle Salewski, every financial challenge presents an opportunity for transformation. Our accomplished team comprises individuals who have honed their skills in delivering comprehensive financial management advice. From credit counselling to bankruptcy, consumer proposals to budgeting, and debt settlement to debt consolidation, we possess the expertise to navigate even the most complex financial landscapes. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to understanding each client’s unique needs and tailoring our solutions to empower and inspire their journey toward a brighter financial future.

Our Debt Relief Managers are not just qualified CAIRP estate administrators and counsellors; they are beacons of hope. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and genuine empathy for those in distress enables them to guide clients with wisdom, compassion, and unwavering support. Through their steadfast guidance, we have witnessed countless success stories and lives transformed for the better.

With a focus on Ontario and Quebec, we have dedicated ourselves to making a profound impact within these communities. Our tireless efforts have uplifted individuals and businesses, offering a renewed sense of hope and the tools needed to rebuild, recover, and thrive. We are more than financial consultants; we are partners in your journey, unwavering in our commitment to your success.

When you choose Doyle Salewski, you are not merely embracing financial expertise; you are embracing a transformative experience. We will stand by your side, empowering you to overcome adversity and discover the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. Let us be the catalyst for your inspiring financial journey—where challenges become stepping stones, and resilience becomes the foundation for your triumph. Together, we can rewrite your financial story and create a future brimming with possibility.


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