A Message From Our Founders

Doyle Salweski

Brian P. Doyle

B.Sc., MBA, CPA, CA, CA·CIRP, CFE, President

Thirty-four years ago, university educated and trained as a Chartered Accountant, I entered into the financial restructuring profession. Back then, I provided a professional service with little understanding of the personal toll that excessive debt brings; I just calculated the numbers and assessed only the financial circumstances and legal consequences.

As my career progressed, I became more and more sensitive to the personal and emotional side of my clients. I suspected that many were suffering from something I called debt stress, which caused them to be in a very fragile state of mind. It appeared that all aspects of their lives were being affected: their family, their work environment, and their social life. I encountered many people who were desperate because they believed there was absolutely no hope.

Consequently, I felt it would benefit my clients if I had a better understanding of debt stress, so I commissioned the Centre for Stress, Coping, and Well-being at Carleton University to provide an exploratory report on this subject. The centre’s findings confirmed my suspicions that anxiety caused by excessive debt can result in significant harm to a person’s entire life. There is good news, however. Despite the damage, our researchers suggested that once debt stress is reduced or removed, many of the ill effects can be negated.

The combination of my experience and the information I acquired from Ottawa’s Carleton University report made me realize the importance of treating our clients with total compassion, respect, and understanding. Now, that’s what I do; and so do all the members of our staff. In fact, I made it a company policy. Professional, competent, dignified service, plus compassion, respect, and understanding: that’s the common thread that runs throughout the entire firm and all the services that Doyle Salewski provides. At Doyle Salewski we do our best to help people through their journey toward debt freedom more comfortably than they ever thought possible.

Paul E. Salewski

BA, CPA, CA, CA·CIRP, CFE, Senior Vice-President

When Brian and I started Doyle Salewski in 1996, our mission was to provide financial advisory services to individuals and companies in a straightforward, non-confrontational manner delivered with compassion and respect.

At Doyle Salewski we understand the effects that excessive levels of debt can place on people, families and companies. Every day that we work with our clients, we strive to assist them in resolving their particular financial problems.

We have built a team of dedicated professionals who are uniquely trained to assist you in removing your debt stress and helping you get back to life unfettered by the stress that high levels of debt invariably cause.

When you call Doyle Salewski for assistance, we will deal with your affairs in a confidential, non-judgmental and respectful way. Initial consultations are free.

We take great pride in knowing that we have helped thousands of people work through their debt situations, allowing them to regain their dignity with a sound financial footing.


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