As independent, objective consultants and trustees, Doyle Salewski Inc. serves both debtor companies and creditors, and is a leader in providing finding the best resolution for all stakeholders in a crisis situation.

We provide corporate finance and consulting as well as insolvency and restructuring services to corporations, partnerships, and other business entities of all sizes and in all types of industry, regardless of how unique and/or complicated their circumstances may be. Our services include:

  • assistance with corporate financing, business plans, and sourcing of funds
  • management and financial consulting for general or specific client initiatives, strategic planning, marketing, and feasibility studies
  • business reviews to assess client efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability
  • viability and risk assessments as required by clients’ bankers, creditors, shareholders, and stakeholders
  • divestiture of all or part of a business and/or operations
  • providing evidence and expertise to legal counsel in insolvency matters, family law issues, civil and criminal actions, and/or in the quantification of losses
  • forensic accounting or other investigatory services
  • acquisitions or assistance with acquisitions and mergers with existing entities
  • reorganizations to assist companies with internal and external changes
  • specific creditor arrangements to avoid the expense and complications of a formal insolvency
  • proposals and bankruptcies under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
  • a Plan of Arrangement made under the Companies’ Creditor Arrangements Act (CCAA) allowing for large insolvent companies to restructure

We are Doyle Salewski; we’re known by the companies we keep in business! Call us today to see how our professional credit counselling services can return your company to fiscal stability: 613-569-4444.