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Commercial Insolvency Engagements

Consumer Proposals

If you’re in over your head debt-wise, you may be able to make a consumer proposal, under which you can reduce your debt and put an end to interest charges…

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Credit Counselling

If you’re stressed by cash flow problems, creditors calling, or the inability to meet your debt obligations, the credit counselling professionals at Doyle Salewski can help…

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If you're unable to find another solution to your financial difficulties, bankruptcy may be your best option - get a fresh start on your financial life...

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Business Solutions

Poor sales, excessive costs, litigation, and competition can create a financial crisis for your business. Doyle Salewski can help you improve your cash flow, profitability, and success...

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When you come in for your free consultation, mention that you found us online and we'll give you a free Copperjar System book (while supplies last) to help you with getting your finances back on track!

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