Dealing with income tax debt

Dealing with Income Tax Debt

Overheard in a recent conversation:  “I’m so glad we learned about parallelograms in high school and nothing about income tax.  That’s really coming in handy during this parallelogram season”.  It’s spring which means it’s also tax season.  You may be … Continue Reading

What is a Writ?

In general terms, a writ is a form of written command in the name of a court or other legal authority to act, or abstain from acting, in some way. In the world of financial debt, a writ is issued … Continue Reading

Can My Pension Be Seized?

The good news is that private and government pensions, under the Ontario Pensions act, cannot be garnisheed by a normal creditor, such as a credit card company. You can only make garnishments under the Ontario Wages Act, and pensions aren’t … Continue Reading

What is a Lien?

A lien is the legal right, or security interest, that a creditor has in a debtor’s property. If you buy a car, for example, you usually agree to a lien with the financing company. If you don’t make your payments, … Continue Reading

What is a Judgement?

In general legal terms, a judgment is a decision of a court regarding the rights and liabilities of parties in a legal action or proceeding. More specifically, in the world of debt collection, it’s when a creditor obtains a judgment … Continue Reading

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