New Covid Benefits Explained

2020 has been a financial rollercoaster; with the ongoing global pandemic caused by COVID-19, Canadians have been affected in numerous ways. The most notable impact is how it has affected the financial circumstances of many Canadians. With growing unemployment rates, the Canadian government provided the Canadian Emergency Response Benefits (CERB) to support the employed and …

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Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and Debt

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is massive now. A new Credit Karma survey of 1,050 Canadians aged 19-39 shows half of young adults have spent money they didn’t have and gone into debt in order to keep up with their peers.

How to Deal with Tax Debt

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by outstanding tax debts, you aren’t alone. In 2018, Canadians owed $43.8 billion in outstanding tax debt to the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA has been working hard to collect the debt from Canadians, and the CRA’S ability to seize bank accounts, garnish wages, and put liens on property without going …

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Money Issues in Marriage

After 20 years of helping people address their financial difficulties, we’ve seen a significant number of clients that have experienced marital breakup over money issues. While they may make the promise “for richer or for poorer”, finances are one of the top reasons couples seek marital counseling or divorce. If you’re having arguments with your …

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