Don't Spend Your Retirement Years Worrying About Debt.

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Let Our Certified Credit Counsellors Help You Regain Your Financial Freedom.

Have your retirement years turned into a financial nightmare? Many senior citizens face unique circumstances requiring special credit counselling. Doyle Salewski can help if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • struggling to meet your debt obligations through your Old Age Security and CPP payments
  • charging your living expenses on your credit cards
  • borrowing from your children or other relatives and friends
  • living on a fixed pension while your costs continue to rise

Your financial situation as a senior citizen is special, giving you exclusive rights and opportunities. To find out more about our credit counselling services, including how you may be able to reduce your debt payments to one affordable, interest-free one, contact Doyle Salewski today for your free consultation: in Ottawa, 613-237-5555, out of town, toll-free 1-800-517-9926; email

For other valuable information and/or extended counselling services pertaining to the well-being of seniors, please click here.