Holiday activities that cost (almost) nothing

July 29, 2020

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This Monday is a Civic Holiday in Ontario, which means for most an extra day to relax and a four-day week ahead of us. While this should be something to look forward to, it can be a cause of stress to some as they plan ways to spend it. Occasionally this leads to planning larger than life weekends that cost more than we want to, and in the end making them less enjoyable as the stress of the cost sets in.

Holiday activities that cost (almost) nothing

Although we would all love to be renting cottages and traveling, the world and our budget doesn’t always allow for that, so we’re staying close to home but vacationing in style and saving a few dollars while we’re at it. We planned some activities that cost (almost) nothing so that your long weekend can be beautiful and joyful, even if it’s different than what you planned.

Gather friends for a long picnic full of drinks and laughter, get your favorite take-out or make your favorite food and spend the day catching up and chatting. Nothing is quite as nice as time spent with good friends and good food.

If you’re craving a beach holiday, nothing beats grabbing your favorite magazines and some snacks, hitting a local beach (like Westboro, Britannia or Mooney’s Beach) and soaking up the sun with your toes in the sand. This one screams relaxation!

Maybe you want to restart and purge some items in your house so that you’re starting the next week on a new foot. Open the windows to let the summer breeze in and take the day to deep clean your home! To quote Marie Kondo, “See what sparks joy and get rid of what doesn’t”. Treat yourself to pizza for a hard day’s work!

Go for a walk and pick a bouquet of wildflowers to adorn your table, then invite your inner bubble over and enjoy dinner al fresco. To give it the same feeling of eating at a restaurant and to make it extra cozy, use lots of candles on and around the table.

No matter how you choose to spend this long weekend, make sure that the cost of it doesn’t hurt you. This holiday is supposed to be relaxing; not taxing or a competition as to who can have the best weekend. Do what feels best to you and your budget.

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