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Live within a Financial margin

June 15th, 2012

Live within your limits

Our culture encourages us to push the limits physically, emotionally and financially. The demands of a typical lifestyle can challenge even the best salary. But what do you do when the pace gets too hectic and the money gets too tight? When the fear of missing out lures you into an unsustainable lifestyle?

Everyone wants financial margin – the latitude to spend money without worrying about making ends meet. But how do we get there? Margin planning is an easy three-step process that looks like this:

1. Identify your annual “Available Income”:

Annual income (minus)

  • Taxes
  • Debt payments
  • Fixed obligations

= Available Income

2. Determine your “Disposable Income” (includes a savings goal)

Available Income (minus)

  • Savings goal %

= Disposable Income (divide by 12 to get Monthly Consumable Income)

3. Develop a plan

  • Track where your money is going
  • Save something starting now!
  • Include a debt reduction strategy
  • Include a lifestyle reduction goal and budget

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