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We understand that financial hardships can happen to anyone at anytime. The number one reason people fall into debt is because of unexpected circumstances. It can hard to plan for the loss of a job or serious health issues. Our insolvency trustees are experienced professionals who are here to help you achieve your financial goals free from debt. To learn about our bankruptcy services in Cornwall, read below:

Requirements You Need to Know When Filing for Bankruptcy

  • Owing at least $1,000
  • Being unable to pay your debts
  • Owing more than you the value of what you have
  • Having property in Canada, which can include a bank account

Because bankruptcy is a legal process, it prevents a garnishment or any legal action from happening, it also stops creditors from calling you. Bankruptcy deals with unsecured debts. This includes credit cards, income taxes, personal loans, overdrafts, etc.

Some unsecured debts are not included, such as student loans less than 10 years after you last attended school and/or any child support or alimony.

There are a lot of other options available before considering bankruptcy. By reaching out to our Doyle Salewski Cornwall office, you could discover that you have better choices to use to tackle your debt. We’ll assess your situation and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your circumstances.

What You Can Expect at a Bankruptcy Meeting With Us

Bankruptcy is a legal process designed to help you start over financially if you’re struggling with debt. Bankruptcy protection is only available through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. The process of declaring bankruptcy varies depending on your situation. However, it usually involves the following steps:

  • You discuss your options with a licensed trustee
  • You’ll work with a trustee to file paperwork
  • Your creditors will be informed of your status
  • You’ll attend financial counselling sessions
  • You’re discharged from bankruptcy

We know that dealing with unmanageable debt can be overwhelming. Our counsellors at Doyle Salewski Cornwall are trained professionals that put you first. It’s important to us that you feel relief when you visit our office. We’ll do our best make you feel as comfortable as possible during every meeting.

Some available alternatives include a consumer proposal or debt consolidation. Our Cornwall office also offers credit counselling, debt settlement, and budgeting services. If you aren’t sure what the best strategy is to deal with your debt, contact us for a free consultation.

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The professionals at Doyle Salewski are all fully experienced in providing financial management advice such as credit counselling, bankruptcy, consumer proposals, budgeting, debt settlement, and debt consolidation. Our directors are qualified CAIRP estate administrators and counsellors. CAIRP accreditation is available exclusively to estate administrators working within member firms.

Our Cornwall office is located at 36 Second Street East. You can reach us at 613.932.7827 or toll-free at 1.800.517.9926. We’re also available through email at or through our online consultation booking form. We’re ready to help you get out of debt and start your financial life over. Our bankruptcy services in Cornwall are confidential and designed for your unique situation.

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