Lasting Debt Help for the Pembroke Area

Financial troubles can happen to any person, at any time. Though individual circumstances differ, dealing with monetary problems is a difficult situation to handle alone. That’s why at Doyle Salewski Pembroke, we pride ourselves on treating our customers with respect, compassion, and confidentiality¬†while providing support to work with you on a solution that will work.

To discover real debt help in Pembroke, speak with one of our experienced professionals.

Real Financial Solutions that Last

Our experienced and professional credit counsellors understand just how much work is involved in sorting out finances, and are skilled in finding the best resolution for each unique case. Through our counselling services we offer bankruptcy advice, credit counselling and consumer proposals.

When it comes to financial troubles, there is no specific criteria as to who is affected. It can happen to anyone, including:

  • Students or Recent Graduates
  • Couples / Parents
  • High-income Earners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Senior Citizens
  • Low-income Earners

How We Can Help You Deal with Your Debt

Our Pembroke office will be able to help sort out any financial situations, and provide as much information as possible to help create and control a budget that works for you. We design specific and individual strategies for each case, to start you on your way to financial independence. Below are the areas in which we can help you:

Consumer Proposals

If you are unable to pay back money owed, you can form a legally binding agreement called a consumer proposal. A consumer proposal can only be made by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and is a monthly payment at an affordable rate with no interest charges. Trustees can help you establish a financial solution, and you are responsible for ensuring the payments are made correctly and on time.


If you want the chance to clear the slate, and begin anew, filing for bankruptcy may be something you want to consider. Doing this will allow you to cease payments to unsecured accounts. A Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you file for bankruptcy, and ensure that all government-mandated steps are taken when doing so.

Credit Counselling

The counselling services at the Pembroke location of Doyle Salewski are available to help with budgeting and income issues, while helping you to explore different options to come up with a solution made with you in mind. We sit with you to find out your specific needs, so we can find a resolution that will work with your situation, and help you manage your finances.

Don’t shy away from your financial trouble, contact us to get you the help you need to relieve your stress. From individuals to businesses, we are trained to give you the aid you need to get your finances back to where they need to be. No problem is too big, or too small to bring to our team, and we will work with you every step of the way to create financial stability.

Contact Us for More Information

With Pembroke being just one of our 17 locations, we have offices located all around Ontario for your convenience. Drop by at 270 Lake Street, email us at, call us at 613-253-2227, or toll-free at 1-800-517-9926. For your ease, we have a  free consultation form here for us to call and schedule an appointment that works for you.

To discover debt help in Pembroke that has a lasting impact on your financial situation, speak to our office today!

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