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An agreement mediated by a trustee for someone struggling with their finances, is called a consumer proposal. It is good as an alternative to bankruptcy, which is what more and more people are using it for. Each one is made with the individual in mind, as it needs to accommodate their budget, and work so payments can be made accordingly.

Generally, a consumer proposal comprises of a low monthly, or lump sum payment offer, in order to reduce owed money, and eliminate interest fees. That agreed upon amount is paid to the trustee, who will forward the money to the appropriate party.

If you decide to pursue a consumer proposal in Pembroke, you can choose to pay back only a portion of what you owe, reduce your monthly payments, as well as remove interest charges. 

When You Should Consider a Consumer Proposal

Those who are unable to meet their financial payments are able to file a consumer proposal. This includes those with debt unrelated to the mortgage on their homes that is less than $250,000, and anyone with a combined joint debt of under $500,000.

Working with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, you can come up with an offer to either pay back a portion of what is owed, extend the time you have to pay your debts off, or even both! Any of the consultants in our Pembroke location can assist with creating a consumer proposal, with either a lump sum, or monthly instalments that you can afford. We help you reduce your debt, and end your interest charge.  

If you are employed and have a steady income that allows you to afford these monthly payments, a consumer proposal is a good option to consider. Choosing a consumer proposal means that as a part of your agreement, your assets will remain untouched, and your payments will not increase.

Should you see a rise in your income, the agreed upon payment amount will also remain the same. A consumer proposal will not negatively affect your credit score, as much as declaring for bankruptcy will, which makes it a suitable option for anyone who is able to afford it.

Finding the solution that best works for you requires the understanding of what is needed to be done in order to control your finances. This means detailing your debt, setting realistic goals, processing your payments, and maintaining healthy patterns with all expenses.

Family in the fall

Couldn’t asked for a better service, all my questions were answered and my financial problems solved. Cheers to a new start!!!.”

With Pembroke’s growing population, it’s important to have the trusted and professional counsellors of Doyle Salewski available to assist with your financial needs. We pride ourselves on offering individual consumer proposals in Pembroke because we know that each person’s situation is different. Let us eliminate your debt-related stress, and contact us for a free consultation today.

Our Pembroke offices are located at 270 Lake Street, at the corner of Lake Street and Frank Nighbor Street. Call us at 613-635-4882, or toll free at 1-888-488-5555 to take your first step into your new debt-free life. You can also reach out to us on our online contact form. We are available at your convenience to set up a time to discuss your financial situation. We maintain a confidential service, tailor made for your circumstance.

The professionals at Doyle Salewski are all fully experienced in providing financial management advice such as credit counselling, bankruptcy, consumer proposals, budgeting, debt settlement, and debt consolidation. Our directors are qualified CAIRP estate administrators and counsellors. CAIRP accreditation is available exclusively to estate administrators working within member firms.

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