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The counsellors at Doyle Salewski Renfrew are here to help anyone afflicted with financial trouble find their balance. We are compassionate, and understand how important it is to work with financial counsellors who will keep each conversation and situation confidential. That is why we work each individual case with care and provide personalized solutions to each unique circumstance. Our credit counselling in Renfrew is designed to help you learn more about financial pitfalls and how to stay out of critical debt.

What to Expect at a Credit Counselling Session

When you contact us for a consultation, we will sit with you and explain all of the possible outcomes available to you in order to manage your accounts. Each option is tailor made for you, to ensure that you can become financial stable when beginning the process of your chosen solution.

We work with you to create a personalized plan to establish what exactly needs to be done in order to organize your finances. From there, we can give you the tools and tips needed to successfully manage your money.

Before we can do this, we meet with you to learn every aspect of your financial situation. This way, you know that we have curated a financial plan with specific targets and budgetary needs specifically made for you. Contacting Doyle Salewski Renfrew means that your precise budget is decided based upon what you currently can afford.

Once we are completely aware of your situation, our counsellors outline the details of what needs to be done in order to maintain your financial independence. Through this, you are given an in-depth analysis of the solution that will be best for your financial goal, as well as the individual steps that need to be taken to reach that goal.

Why You Should Choose Us for Financial Solutions

Whether the best financial solution for you is bankruptcy protection, consumer proposals, or debt settlements, the counsellors at Doyle Salewski Renfrew will be able to offer you the best option for your needs. The sooner you seek help with your finances, the better your chances of managing them will be. 

You can discuss a payment plan, and outline a schedule as soon as possible, before the situation worsens, meaning your payment amount increases.

Working with one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees can give you more information on what can be done to pay back what is owed. The reason we have individual payment plans is because each person’s financial situation is different, and a cookie-cutter solution will not benefit everyone who is suffering from financial trouble.

Our credit counsellors are here to make sure that you understand your personalized solution, while you start your journey to financial security. As long as you are prepared to work on managing your finances, we are here to help you.

Family in the fall

Couldn’t asked for a better service, all my questions were answered and my financial problems solved. Cheers to a new start!!!.”

Visit us in our Renfrew location at 45 Renfrew Ave. East, just at the corner of Renfrew Avenue East, and Plaunt Street South. You can also call us toll free at 1-800-517-9926, email us at [email protected], or click here to book a consultation online. Ask us about credit counselling in Renfrew to learn how to avoid overwhelming debt.

At Doyle Salewski, our Licensed Insolvency Trustees are all fully experienced in providing financial management advice such as credit counselling, bankruptcy, consumer proposals, budgeting, debt settlement, and debt consolidation. Our directors are qualified CAIRP estate administrators and counsellors. CAIRP accreditation is available exclusively to estate administrators working within member firms. 

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